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I've found something for compiling text file as string variable: Code:

objcopy --input binary --output elf64-x86-64 --binary-architecture i386 test.txt test.o

and i want to do it for each ./included_text/*.abc and then each of these files link. I've find pre/post build steps but i can't find anything which will help me. Or you can explain how to do whole makefile if it's easier.

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text_files:= $(wildcard *.txt)

text_objects:=$(addsuffix .o,$(basename $(text_files)))
objects=$(text_objects) $(other_objects)

%.o: %.txt
    objcopy --input binary $(OBJCOPY_FLAGS) $< $@

output: $(objects)
    echo linking $@ from $^
    #ld ....
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