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I have an NSDictionary that when I NSLog prints this out

    206510 = 1;
    622845 = 1;
    926131 = "";
    100000977163362 = "";

Why does

[dict objectForKey:@"206510"]

gives null?

This is how I setup the dictionary in the first place.

[dict setObject:[status objectForKey:@"game_status"] forKey:(NSString*) [status objectForKey:@"id"]];


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Presumably that [status objectForKey:@"id"] isn't actually returning a string; what type is it? –  Carl Norum Sep 11 '10 at 1:49

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Are your keys strings or numbers? NSDictionary keys off an id (your cast to NSString is unnecessary, and possibly wrong), eg. any objective-c object, you may want (entirely guesswork here):

[NSNumber numberWithDouble: 206510.0]
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