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I want to learn rhomobile to make cross platform mobile applications..

Can anyone provide me good links and tutorials to start up with rhomobile ??

What dependencies i need to install to work with rhomobile on windows ??

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If you go to their website you can sign up for an account and get access to their tutorials on the site.

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I find it hard to find one myself. I don't think their tutorial is very clear for someone without Ruby, Unix and Git experience. So far I found this: http://tanvirfaraj.blogspot.com/2010/09/installing-rhomobile-and-running-sample.html and http://rubyonmobile.wordpress.com/2009/02/10/making-twitter-mobile-client-with-ruby-using-rhodes-rhosync-part-1/

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You can refer to Rhomobile site..Currently this is the best source for Rhomobile..However I have written few blog for creating Rhomobile application.. might be this will help u http://itsallaboutruby.blogspot.com/

Cheers Abhishek

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I've started posting my short Rhodes tutorials on http://codedog.net

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