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I've installed Kohana and there is a problem appear, when I started to edit Kohana::init and .htaccess to make it work with no '/index.php/'

Here is what I'm doing.

My OS is Ubuntu linux 10.04

I've changed Kohana::init 'base_url' param to '/kohana/' and on .htaccess RewriteBase is the same

Also added 'index_file => '' on Kohana::init

But now it is not working

It works for http://localhost/kohana/

but do not works for http://localhost/custom/change

however, it still works for http://localhost/index.php/custom/change

Maybe .htaccess do not work at all? On Ubuntu files that starts from (.) point become hidden. and it is now hidden.

So I spent 2 hours trying to fix it, but still do not know where is the problem.

Will be happy, if someone here can spend his time trying to fix it.

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Check your Apache httpd.conf/vhost.conf for AllowOverride All, else .htaccess files won't be read. It's disabled per default. (Nobody knows why.)

Otherwise post your RewriteRule set. Else it's just guessing.

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that helped me, but the problem was not only in it. I've checked Apache error log, and found here that mod_rewrite isn't work correct. That was because it was not uploaded to mods folder. – Ahmed Sep 18 '10 at 12:03

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