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i use the slony for replication of postgresql database. it work fine some day. After i use the slony command to delete the replication node, pg_dump does not work, the error message is: pg_dump: schema with OID 73033 does not exist

Then i delete the name space of slony in pg_namespace, and pg_dump does not work. So i delete the data of the name space in pg_class, pg_type, the command is: DELETE FROM pg_class where relnamespace=73033 DELETE FROM pg_type where relnamespace=73033

i got the error message: pg_dump: Error message from server: ERROR: cache lookup failed for type 19

How to fix it? How to recovery the database? thanks!

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Have you tried restarting Postgresql after the change? Other seem to have fixed it that way as it clears the cache and is simple to do:


Hope it as simple as that, but you have probably already tried that.

// John

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