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I have this:

$dataList = "*one*two*three*";
$list = explode("*", $dataList);

which outputs:

> Array (
>     [0] => 
>     [1] => one
>     [2] => two
>     [3] => three
>     [4] =>  )

How do I strip the fist and last * in the string before exploding?

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Using trim:

trim($dataList, '*');

This will remove all * characters (even if there are more than one!) from the end and the beginning of the string.

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Some other possibilities:

Using substr:

$dataList = substr($dataList, 1, -1);

You can also choose to not remove the * from the string but rather remove the empty array values which will always be the first and last element. Using array functions array_pop() and array_shift():

$arrData = array_pop(array_shift($arrData));
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trim($dataList, "*")
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echo trim($dataList,"*");

hope this solve your problem

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