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Is there an online backup service (like Dropbox), which supports a C# or JAVA API? I want to use this as part of a build process to host my code offsite.


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Relevant link on Stack Overflow: and external link… – Sathya Sep 10 '10 at 23:29

You can take a look at Amazon S3 API, it can be accessed with WebServices.

If you just want to store code and keep different versions you should use versionning system such as Subversion, git or mercurial.

Look at the links below for more informations.

Resources :

On the same topic :

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If it is for code, why not use a hosted SVN like Assembla or Codesion?

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If you want to just store your data so please look at this below link.

Login to this site and store your data. It's look like windows desktop with my computer and drives.

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