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When you type the override keyword in a C# file in VS and press Space, you get a second menu offering the method to override. Can I extend this behavior with my own custom code that would use another keyword to pop up my own list of actions?

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Yes it is possible to augment the list with more keywords or to even create your own list entirely. The interface you are looking for in Visual Studio 2010 is ICompletionSource. This isn't a simple interface though and it's hard to give a full sample in a stackoverflow answer but there are plenty of samples online to take a look at.

I think the best place to start is the editor samples available on codeplex

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What other keyword do you want to use? If it's C#, pressing ctrl+space will open the auto-complete/intellisense menu.

If this is for writing another language using Visual Studio, perhaps this video is of use.

Here's the extending Visual Studio start page, in case it's helpful.

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