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We have been working with CVS for years, and frequently find it useful to "sticky" a single file here and there.

Is there any way to do this in subversion, specifically from TortoiseSVN?

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Short answer: no.

Long answer:
Working copies are sticky to a branch by definition, as changing to a different branch means changing the base-Subversion-URL used to access the repository.

However sticky-revision files... that's not a concept that Subversion has.

One workaround might be to manually return the file to a specific revision after doing an update. Perhaps putting something like the following into a script.

svn update
svn update -r1234 that/particular/file.txt

Another workaround, as tweakt suggests, is to have a partial branch with just one file in it. This needs very careful management though and things can get a bit.. er... sticky :-) , if you're not vigilant.

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You can technically "branch" as little as a single file if you'd like... you can use 'svn switch' on any level directory or file. SVN tracks resources on a per-file basis just as CVS does, so it can do 'sticky' to the same effect. Committing a working copy containing mixed paths has very different effects though.


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