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How to cancel a jquery.load()?

Ok so I have an autocomplete field that is making an ajax request every keystroke....which can slow things down alot. If you visit here and use the

email: test@test.com pass: test12

If you have firebug open and start typing fast you will see all the see all the ajax requests. My question is can i cancel the previous request if there is a more recent one. here is my code.

This is my autocomplete call using this plugin

  serviceUrl: '<%= ajax_path("artistName") %>',
  width: 300,
  delimiter: /(,|;)\s*/,
  deferRequestBy: 0, //miliseconds
  params: { artists: 'Yes' },

From there I call the ajax from my rails application using

from my rails action I make a call to the itunes api


really my question is, Is there a way to tell if an ajax is running and kill it

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You can try using the AJAX Queue/Cache/Abort/Block Manager, it was what I used when I had a similar problem. Using the abortOld option, the plugin will abort old requests when responses to newer requests come in.

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