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I want to accomplish the following scenario in Drupal:

You have 2 content-types. Lets say, an application-form for a lisence, and a content-type for persons.

Then when you go to add a lisence in the "node/add" submission form in Drupal, i would like to add a relative number of persons that would be related to this lisence, and only this lisence. Say you would like to apply for a lisence, and relate 4 persons to this lisence, then insted of creating the lisence and then create the 4 persons and relate them to the lisence, i would like to do this "inline".

So when i add a lisence, there would be a way to add 1 or more persons that would relate to the lisence node. Is this possible, and if so how?

I have been looking at the node reference module, and that manages to reference a node to another, but not to add them inline with the other.

With the web-development framework Django, there is a way to this with something called "inline-editing", where you get the content-type fields inside another content-type creation form. There you bind them togheter with a ForeignKey.

Anybody know of something simular in Drupal, if not, is it another way to achive something simular, that would be as user-friendly?

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I'm not sure what you mean by inline, here. Can you define? – John Fiala Jan 9 '09 at 5:11

The Popups: Add and Reference module has recently been improved and I think it might do what you are looking to do.

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Try Node Relationship, it will add buttons for edit/view/add next to the node reference field and will pop up a modal. Make sure you check the module dependencies.

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I have looked into this, and it doesnt seem to be possible. I have looked at the reference_create module, and searched and posted stuff on, and nobody have a nice solution.

So what I just rebuilt the whole thing in Django in about 3 hours; so, tomorrow I will try to convince my employer to go the Django way!

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