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How can I turn the following array below so it looks like example 2 using PHP.

Example 1 array.

Array ( [0] => &sub1=a1 [1] => &sub2=aa [2] => &sub3=glass-and-mosaics [3] => &sub4=guides-and-reviews [4] => &sub5=silent-movies [5] => &sub6=even-more-eastern-religions-and-philosophies ) 

Example 2.

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can use implode

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You can use the implode function.

$arr = array(0 => '&sub1=a1',1 => '&sub2=aa');
$str = implode('',$arr);
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just do a $myVar = implode('', $array);

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If this is a query fragment of a URL, use http_build_query instead:

echo http_build_query(
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