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Does anyone know how to do basic authentication with RestClient?

I need to create a private repository on GitHub through their RESTful API.

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From the source it looks like you can just specify user and password as part of your request object.

Have you tried something like:

r ={:user => "username", :password => "password"})

Also if you look down in the Shell section of the ReadMe it has an example of specifying it as part of restshell.

$ restclient user pass
>> delete '/private/resource'
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The easiest way is to embed the details in the URL:

RestClient.get ""
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I was searching how to perform authentication without having to initialize a RestClient::Request. +1 for the usage of RestClient.get method. BUT doesn't username and password require escape? Looks as if it's not as easy as it seemd. – AgostinoX Apr 25 '14 at 10:03

Here is an example of working code where I support optional basicauth but don't require the user and password be embedded in the URL:

def get_collection(path)
  response =
    :method => :get,
    :url => @my_url + "/" + path.to_s,
    :user => @my_user,
    :password => @my_pass,
    :headers => { :accept => :json,
    :content_type => :json }
  results = JSON.parse(response.to_str)

Do note if @my_user and @mypass are not instantiated, it works fine without basicauth.

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