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why cannot I declare an abstract method within an interface? This is my code. Thank you.

interface Connection {
    public abstract function connect();
    public function getConnection();

abstract class ConnectionAbstract implements Connection() {
    private $connection;

    public abstract function connect();

    public function getConnection() {
        return $this->connection;

class MySQLConnection extends ConnectionAbstract {
    public function connect() {
        echo 'connecting ...';

$c = new MySQLConnection();
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At a guess I'd say because all methods within an interface are abstract, that's what interfaces are, collections of abstract methods. –  meagar Sep 11 '10 at 22:21

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Both the methods in the Connection interface are abstract. All methods in an interface are implicitly abstract. So abstract keyword is not required for the connect() method.

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How is this different from the first answer? –  mmking May 1 at 19:39

Remember that the requirement of a class which implements an interface must contain a series of public methods which correspond to the method signatures declared in the interface. So, for instance, when you declare an interface which has a defined public abstract function, you're literally saying that every class which implements the interface must have a public abstract method named connect. Since objects with abstract methods cannot be instantiated, you'll end up writing an interface which can never be used.

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All functions in an interface are implicitly abstract. There is no need to use the abstract keyword when declaring the function.

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