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I am using capybara along with cucumber on a Rails 2.3.9 project.

I have users index page and I have two records there. Using capybara how do I assert that there are only two records in the page.

HTML structure is like this

<div class='records'>
  <li>record 1<li>
  <li>record 2 </li>
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This should do the trick for your Cucumber step definition:

page.has_css?("div.records li", :count => 2)

There's also page.has_xpath? (but I don't understand xpath)

If you're using Rspec you can phrase it the Rspec way with:

page.should have_css("div.records li", :count => 2)

I had to solve a very similar problem just yesterday; here's the full step definition I ended up with.

Then /^I should see only (\d+) tasks$/ do |number_of_tasks|
  page.should have_css("table tr.task", :count => number_of_tasks.to_i)
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page.should have_select("table tr", :count => 2) also works –  Matt Connolly Nov 28 '12 at 11:48

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