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I want something simple in order to experiment/hack. I've created a lot interpreters/compilers for c and I just want something simple. A basic BASIC :D

If you don't know any (I've done my google search...), yacc/bison is the only way?


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None of these listed in TheFreeCountry are acceptable? None of them are in Python, but I should think that starting from XBLite might be more helpful than starting from Yacc/Bison/PLY.

Also, Vb2py might be a better starting position than PLY.

If you must go the PLY route, however, consider the MOLE Basic grammar as a starting point rather than trying to roll your own from scratch.

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PLY is a great parser-creation library for Python. It has a simple BASIC interpreter as one of its example scripts. You could start there.

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I also don't know a basic interpreter under ruby, but given enough time and interest ruby easily "supports" writing an interpreter for any language you like: Agile DSL Development in Ruby . I must admit that this approach comes with some investment of time. :( At the end of the presentation are some links to further readings regarding DSLs.

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You may wish to also examine the Parrot virtual machine which, according to wikipedia today, has some BASIC support.

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a miniBasic in ruby is available here. Rockit seems WAY more fun that racc.

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There is pybasic (python basic), rockit-minibasic (rubybasic).

To make these able to use the gui, then one has to develop extensions with kivy and shoes gui toolkits for pybasic and rockit-minibasic respectively and similarly prima gui for perlbasic if ever exists.

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