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Is there an easy way to initialize a cucumber folder structure like rails generators?

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From the documentation:

ruby script/generate cucumber

If you’re on an OS that supports fork (read: !Windows) we recommend you use Spork and —drb as this lets you start cucumber faster:

ruby script/generate cucumber --spork

For more help on the generator you can just ask for help:

ruby script/generate cucumber --help

ruby script/generate feature Frooble name:string color:string description:text

This will generate a simple plain text feature with associated steps. Don’t get addicted to this generator – you’re better off writing these by hand in the long run.

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But that is for Rails only. Is there a way to do so in an arbitrary folder? – never_had_a_name Sep 12 '10 at 23:31
If you are not using rails, there is not much to generate, cucumber will include all features/support/**/*.rb files where you define your world. You place the features as features/feature_name.feature and steps in features/step_definitions/domain_name.rb – duncan Sep 13 '10 at 17:04

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