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im developing a windows gadget. there is a function called addTextObject on the background object which creates the object i want which i can later add glowing and shadows to it. but the problem is that i am not able to control the objects location. for example if i want to append it inside a div or span or td, the appendChild method is not working!

var txtGlow = document.getElementById('imgBackground').addTextObject("test", "Verdana", 25, "Red", 50, 50);
            txtGlow.opacity = 100;
            txtGlow.addGlow("yellow", 50, 50);
            var theDiv = document.getElementById('divx');
            txtGlow.value = theDiv.innerText;
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Text and image objects added to the background aren't elements and as such can't be appended to just any element. You can create a <g:text> element in your HTML markup, but they don't behave in the same way:

Note This method does not expose the objects as g:image or g:text elements. You can locate and assign the objects using the document.getElementById("...") method, but the g:image or g:text methods and properties are not available.

You could create the element using document.createElement() or innerHTML.

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