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I have a class School and another class Teachers. now every school can contain m Teachers and one Teacher may be part of more than one school. But in the Teachers class I dont want a property that tells me which Schools a teacher is part of.


public class School
public virtual int Id {get;set;}
public virtual string Name {get;set;}
public virtual IList<Teacher> Teachers {get;set;}
    public School()
    Teachers=new List();

And the mapping for the same is

public class SchoolMap:ClassMap<School>
    public SchoolMap()

and Teacher is defined as

public class Teacher
public virtual int Id {get;set;}
public virtual int Name {get;set;}

and the expected simple mapping is defined.

Now I wish to join these tables right so that when I create a School object and then add Teachers to it and save it I want it to be stored in a mapping table the columns of which should be the following SchoolId,TeacherId.

Now how do i use this table in my mapping so that when I save the School object my teachers are also stored in the db and on retrieving the School object I retrieve the Teachers too.

Any answer would be appreciated.

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Try this:

HasMany(x => x.Teachers).Inverse().Cascade.All();

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