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I have created a new DesktopApplication in Netbeans. When I start it, it shows the gui directly on the screen. How to hide it after startup? Something like this:


after the initComponents(); method doesn't work.

Is there a way to hide this window after starting up? (I only want to show it after clicking the tray-Icon of this application. Not after startup.)


This problem is reproduceable when you create a new DesktopApplication in Netbeans. I haven't changed the code (only added the line mentioned above.)

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If you look at the source code for DesktopApplication1App, it says something like

@Action public void startup(){
    show(new DesktopApplication1View(this));

To fix this, just comment out the show() call, and replacing it with a dummy. For example:

@Action public void startup(){
    Object o = new DesktopApplication1View(this);

Later, if you want to set it to be visible, you can call this:

// ----- OR -----

whichever works for you.

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Thank you :-) It works. –  maximal Sep 12 '10 at 14:59

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