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I'm using JQuery JQueryUI's AutoComplete code. It goes to my url i provide (to find the answers), but appends ?term=<search query> after the url.

I'm trying to get the following url intead ...

/myurl/<term / search query>




is it possible to do this?

Otherwise, it is possible to rename the query parameter term to something else, .. like query to q, etc?

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You can use $.getJSON() yourself in the source option, for example:

  source: function(req, resp) {
    $.getJSON("/myurl/" + encodeURIComponent(req.term), resp);

Something similar happens when you give it a string, it sends the first parameter passed to the method as the object...which has a property term, by doing it manually you're just getting more control over your parameters. I'm also using encodeURIComponent() above to be safe when generating a url directly (e.g. spaces to +, etc.).

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saves the day again. Cheers mate :) Much appreciated. – Pure.Krome Sep 12 '10 at 11:29
@Pure - welcome :) – Nick Craver Sep 12 '10 at 11:41

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