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I would like to know how multiple aggregate root are created in CQRS.

Example: I have a handset aggregate root and Simcard aggregate root. The id from these aggregate should be part of subscription aggregate root .

i need to create a Subscription aggregate based on SimCard and an Handset.SimCard and Handset aggregate do not exist in the system . they are created when Subscription is created . When Subscription is deleted SimCard and Handset is not deleted. Business reason: user might insert different SimCard into the same Handset or the handset supports dual SimCards.

business rule : Phone number should be unique. Handset serialNumber should be unique. One subscription is associated with one handset One handset is associated with 1 or more phone number.

Class Handset { 
  String serialNumber 
 Handset(UUID id,serialNumber){ 

Class SimCard{ 
  String phoneNumber 
  SimCard(UUID id, String phoneNumber){ 
        this. phoneNumber= phoneNumber;

Class Subscription { 
     UUID id 
     UUID deviceid 
      UUID simCardid 

    Subscription (UUID id, UUID deviceid, UUID simCardid){ 
             This. Deviceid= deviceid; 
             This. simCardid= simCardid; 
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What command are you trying to model? the AddSubsriptionCommand ? –  roundcrisis Oct 18 '10 at 16:49

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