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I'm using System.Data.Linq.DataContext file for accessing a mdf Database

I want to use the Database from the project directory and not the one created by the debugger in the Debug directory.

The problem is when I edit the Connection String and choose the path for AttachDBFilename, VS2008 automaticly substitutes my project directory with "|DataDirectory|"

How do I get arround this one?

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Edit your application "app.config" file
Go to the connectionStrings and change the connectionString to the path of your DB.

At the DataContext file properties, set the "Application Settings" = True
Then choose the Connection by it's name and that it.

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already you can write like this: SampledbDataContext sdc = new SampledbDataContext(Server.MapPath("~/Sampledb.mdf")); or in design.cs file public SampledbDataContext() : base(global::"[write cnn string Here !]", mappingSource) { OnCreated(); }

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