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I have a UITableView and its data gets refreshed from a server connection. For the UITableViewcell, I have layout some labels across the row. So it can consider as a grid with UILabels(total no of labels = table rows * table columns).

When the data gets refreshed I have added an animation for the UILabel to highlight the table cell update.(Labels background color changes for about 0.5 seconds and restore to the previous background color). There I compare the old value with new value and I added the animation with comparing those. It works fine.

My problem is when I scroll the table, because of the reusable cells the labels are getting animated.(although the corresponding values are not change). Anyone have an idea to how to avoid this issue? thanks.

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It sounds like you're calling reloadData and animating in tableView:cellForRowAtIndexPath:. Don't do this. There's no guarantee that UITableView will reuse the same cell (it sounds like it does, but it's unwise to rely on this, and I'm pretty sure it doesn't for reloadRowsAtIndexPath:withRowAnimation:). It will do the wrong thing if you remove a row, for example.

You can use -[UITableView visibleCells] to get an array of the currently visible cells. Loop over the array and use a custom method to tell each cell to reload with animation.

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