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I know many Ruby users are using Jekyll but I wonder what the benefits that will bring over RefineryCMS?

Could someone highlights the differences and pros/cons for each.

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I'm one of the core developers on Refinery CMS.

The architecture of each project is vastly different. Here's a few things Refinery CMS has:

  • Web based interface (just go to /refinery to login and edit content)
  • Visual content editing (but also supports editing in plain HTML)
  • Stores it's content in a database (MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL - your choice)
  • Suitable for non technical people to edit
  • Supports Rails 3
  • Supports localisation in 11 languages (and you can add your own)
  • Support and docs: IRC, Google Group, Tutorials, API docs, Github repository

I can't be authoritative about Jekyll (maybe mojombo can answer) but it looks like:

  • Static content editing
  • Stores it's content in files
  • Developer focused, not suitable for an end user to edit
  • Markup based editing
  • Will load slightly faster as the pages are static

I hope that helps weigh it up. It all comes down to your project requirements.

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Well, jekyll is 100% static. All files are generated into static HTML. Jekyll is amazing for small sites that don't really need dynamic content. With jekyll you write the content in your own text editor.

I haven't tested RefineryCMS, but it is more like what you would think of as a content management system with data stored in a database managed through a web interface. If the site is going to be managed by non-tech people, I'll say jekyll is a no-go and that refinery is a better choice.

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RefineryCMS is fully Rails 3.0 compatible and they offer great support over IRC. Furthermore RefineryCMS is a fully featured CMS with a localizable interface while Jekyl is not. It all depends on your projects needs.

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The best thing to do would be to install them both and play. You will soon see they both serve two completely different purposes. Refinery is a CMS and Jekyll is a static site generator . Jekyll is not built for content management.

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