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Is there a way to explore a interface's properties with Rtti?

The following code does not work:

procedure ExploreProps;
  Ctx: TRttiContext;
  RttiType: TRttiType;
  RttiProp: TRttiProp;
  RttiType := Ctx.GetType(TypeInfo(IMyInterface));
  for RttiProp in RttiType.GetProperties do

Has anyone a solution how to do this correctly?

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Interfaces are collections of functions. They don't really have properties the way objects do; that's just a bit of syntactic sugar that the compiler adds for you to make it easier to write code for them. The difference is that on objects, properties allow controlled access to private and protected members, whereas on interfaces, all members are public so there's no need for the properties.

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Ok, but exploring a interfaces methods doesn't work either... Just replaced the for loop by using RttiType.GetMethods, still no results. –  Christian Metzler Sep 12 '10 at 15:21
@Christian: I just looked at the code for the RTTI system, and a lot of interfaces in the standard libraries are set up with no RTTI generated for them. I'm not sure what the rules are for generating extended RTTI for interface types, since it seems to be different from generating extended RTTI for classes or records. Maybe Barry Kelly or Allen Bauer could answer this one? –  Mason Wheeler Sep 12 '10 at 15:37
An interface type needs to have {M+} applied to it in order for TRttiType.GetMethods() to report the interface's methods. –  Remy Lebeau Apr 16 at 20:59

late answer, but you could typecast your interfae to TObject, e.g.

RttiType := Ctx.GetType(TObject(IMyInterface).ClassInfo);
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As I known, there is no support for normal interfaces. You could add {$M+} and then try again.

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Add this function in your interface

function GetObject: TObject;

and implement it in the class. the use the GetObject function with RTTI routines

  obj: IPerson;
  obj := TPerson.Create;
  Count := GetPropList(obj.GetObject.ClassInfo, tkAny, @List);

Please note that your class should be inherited from TInterfacedPersistent not TInterfacedObject

TPerson = class(TInterfacedPersistent, IPerson)
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