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I can't help but feel I'm missing some simple, critical piece of information.

Is there some way to store application level (session) data to survive across page loads?

I'm building a stand alone application that has multiple web pages, every time I load a new page with a normal link -

i.e. <a href="newpage.html">Next Step</a>

The ENTIRE runtime environment gets reset when the user clicks that link. I tried using the localSystemOBject in flash, but that treats each page as part of a separate domain, meaning every page gets its own local store, and again, no data is shared. Is there a way to tell AIR that they are part of the same domain?

Basically in a normal web-app this is handled on the server side (php) but I don't have a server or php, and I really don't want to completely restructure this thing into one monster web page. I just want to replace the existing Ajax calls with local reads and writes from a sqlite database -- however, every time the user moves to a new page (for the next step in the process) ALL the session data is LOST.

Help? Ideas? Suggestions? Do I have to write my own session manager? I can't believe I'm the first person to run into this. I think I'm just forming the question badly for google / stackoverflow search. (I hope)

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Can you describe your project? Is this an HTML-based air app, or a Flash-based app using HTML views, or content you're viewing in a browser? –  fenomas Sep 13 '10 at 23:51
Yes, it is a desk top application written using JavaScript with jQuery, and HTML. I'm developing using Aptana Studio 2.0. There is no Flash, no Browser. Just Adobe Air's built in Webkit browser. –  user445658 Oct 3 '10 at 4:25

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