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I am trying to set up two virtual hosts served over SSL on Apache in Amazon AWS environment.

I understand that SSL cannot use Name Virtual Host on Apache unless: * I bind two IPs to Apache each serving a separate virtual host. Unfortunately, AWS does not allow me to bind more than one public IP to each EC2 machine * or I use SNI (server name identification) which does not work for IE6 or WinXP (all browsers).

Is my understanding correct?

If yes, what are my options on AWS where I cannot bind two IPs and if I want to server my site to WinXP and IE6?

The only thing I can think of setting up two new micro instances with proxy servers each serving each instance and the forwarding to the actual server.

Is there a better option?

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This explains the scenario very well http://www.invokemedia.com/setting-up-multiple-ssl-domains-on-amazon-ec2-one-ipport/

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Please don't add link only answers. Consider what would happen if the link became broken either by the article being moved, archived etc. –  Ren Dec 6 '12 at 11:00

I'm using UCC for several sites using one IP.

See also this thread: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/883058/ssl-on-a-single-server-for-multiple-web-sites

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