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What is the difference between visibility:collapse and display:none?

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Short version:

The former is used to completely hide table elements. The latter is used to completely hide everything else.

Long version:

visibility: collapse hides an element entirely (so that it doesn't occupy any space in the layout), but only when the element is a table element.

If used on elements other than table elements, visibility: collapse will act like visibility: hidden. This makes an element invisible, but it will still occupy space in the layout.

display: none hides an element entirely, so it doesn't occupy any space in the layout, but it shouldn't be used on table elements.

W3C Reference

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This is useful, but a citation or explanation for the claim that display: none shouldn't be used on table elements would be a nice addition. – Mark Amery Feb 3 at 13:43

visibility:collapse should only be used on tables. On other elements it will act as a visibility:hidden.

visibility:hidden hide the element but still take the space of the element whereas display:none won't even keep the space.

Resources :

On the same topic :

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visibility:collapse has a display:none behavior only for table elements. On other elements, it should render as hidden.

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