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How do I extract the SID and RID values used in the BOSH transport protocol for XMPP? Specifically, I'm using xmpphp.

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@user43... I've edited your question to include what I think you mean (helps I've heard of XMPP really). If this isn't what you mean, please edit it accordingly. Welcome to SO by the way - few words of friendly advice for next time: it's best to be explicit in what you mean and including code is even better - it means we can narrow down the options and give you a good answer. –  Rhino Sep 12 '10 at 19:19
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I've done quite a bit of work on XMPPHP especially the BOSH part of it (which until recently didn't even work). http://github.com/Wordi/xmpphp

In my case, I'm using it to bootstrap a UI client and provide auto-login capability for XMPP BOSH.

class Library_BOSH extends XMPPHP_BOSH

    public function getAutoLoginInfo()
        return array(
            "jid" => $this->fulljid,
            "rid" => $this->rid,
            "sid" => current( $this->sid )

    //we want to block saving the BOSH session into our $_SESSION,
    //since we're just using it to bootstrap the UI client
    public function saveSession(){;}


$bosh = new Library_BOSH(
    $server_address, $server_port,
    $jid, $password,

$bosh->connect( "http://myboshdomain.com/http-bind/", 60 );
$bosh->processUntil('session_start', 5);

$bosh_info = $bosh->getAutoLoginInfo();
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Thank you very much –  user434366 Sep 13 '10 at 20:29

Are you looking to extract the "sid" and "rid" for your connected bosh client? If yes, generally these are saved in php sessions or browser cookies. I haven't used xmpphp, but you can just try to dump client's session info to see it's content.

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I want to know how I can even connect. –  user434366 Sep 13 '10 at 0:51
Well in that case all i can suggest is to try out working BoshChat and BoshMUChat application using Jaxl library (github.com/abhinavsingh/JAXL), i have little experience with xmpphp. –  Abhinav Singh Sep 13 '10 at 10:45

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