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I'm embarking on a very big exercise to build a CMS in php. It's actually my attempt to learn PHP in a fun (and hardcore) way coming from a Java background. Java is all object oriented so oop is in my blood, but I'm finding that OOP hasn't made it yet to PHP. Most PHP is still being written today the old way without the new concepts.

I'm trying to find an example PHP CMS that's written as object oriented. I hear Xoops is. Any others you know of? or any OOP libraries in general that you know of that could help me in a CMS project.

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See… – nawfal May 6 '14 at 9:58

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PHP5 is pretty OOP. Look for CMSes and frameworks that only work on PHP5. For example, Kohana

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I would suggest symfony framework as it is well documented and functional framework that helped building many web applications.

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I'd also add the three popular CMFs built with symfony: Apostrophe, Diem and Sympal. – Maerlyn Sep 12 '10 at 21:14

Concrete5 is a pretty complex OOP based CMS. Might be a harsh start but I've learned a lot by working with it.

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again, +1 for symfony, but this is a large project and getting to know symfony will consume most of your time, yet if you want to dive in, its documentation is really great.

since you are trying to build your own CMS, get started with easy to grasp frameworks and build upon them. Don't waste your time on everything that has been already done. I recommend you Codeigniter MVC Framework and for CMS, PyroCMS which is built upon codeigniter is cool. Codeigniter is really easy to get along, and documentation is very neat and clean.

Further, if you like to start with a simple php framework, here's what Tyrehall has done, . This project can act as a base for your CMS

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No one seems to have mentioned Kohana the PHP 5 only framework.

Kohana has a pretty active and very helpful community to back it up (#kohana on freenode in particular).

edit: Upon closer inspection I see someone has already mentioned Kohana.

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what you will notice is that what is more important to most cms (and framework) developers is MVC pattern implementation. Most MVC implementations in php do in fact use oop practices (some stricter than others)

+1 for symfony, and another I'd like to recommend is Kohana (built on CodeIgniter)

Also have a look at their forums, as both already have a cms or 10 built using these frameworks.

Using these frameworks brings you about 60% there, as a lot of the rudimentary tasks are taken care of.

edit also remebered this one: fatfree framework it's quite lightweight:

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Have a look at Phundament 3.

Phundament 3 is an application foundation built upon a set if independent Yii modules and extensions such as user, rights, yiiext, gtc, ckeditor, jquery-file-upload, p3widgets and p3media.

The combination of p3widgets and p3media provides basic content management system (CMS) features, like dynamic widget creation and file management. Combined in ckeditor, p3media acts as a ckfinder plugin which gives you the full power of HTML and media files for content creation via p3widgets.

It comes with a very minimalistic setup which integrates perfectly into an Yii web application skeletion and installs with one single command.

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phundament simply the best,can u help me i have some doubts – raghulrnair Nov 9 '12 at 6:29
how to instal database?in Phundament can u give me Phundament database dump. – raghulrnair Nov 9 '12 at 9:06
Have you tried the installation described here: Otherwise I would invite you over here!forum/phundament-dev if you've more questions. – schmunk Nov 9 '12 at 16:12

as some folks suggested here, you should start with Codeigniter because it's really easy to dive in. Its documentation is very well structured and easy to read. But I think Codeigniter seems to be very old now.

What I really recommend to you is Laravel. There's another Framework you should look into, that's FuelPHP. But for me, Laravel has absolutely changed to way I'm writing my PHP code. It is the best framework I've ever seen in my life. It's so elegant that you will instantly fall in love with.

If Laravel suits you, I recommend you to follow this online course by Jeffrey Way @ You will love it!

Good luck :)

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Have you seen CakePHP?

Its a MVC framework for PHP. Its pretty robust and can be used in a fully object oriented manner.

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