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In a C++ console program, I've found how to detect and arrow key on Windows, and I've found a lot of other stuff that had nothing to do with the question (despite what I thought were good search terms), but I want to know if there is a platform-independent way to detect an arrow key press. A decent second place for this would be how to detect arrow key press in unix and mac. Code fragments would be appreciated.

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There's no cross platform way to do it because it's not defined by either C or C++ standards (though there may be libraries which abstract away the differences when compiled on different platforms).

I believe the library you are looking for on POSIX boxes is curses, but I've never used it myself -- I could be wrong.

Keep in mind that it's entirely possible the console program (i.e. gnome-terminal or konsole or xterm) has monopolized the use of those keys for other functions.

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As Billy said, there is no standard cross-platform way to do it.

Personally I use this (game-oriented) library for all inputs, cross-platform win/linux/mac :

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