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  • App will run on Heroku

Dependencies include

  • paperclip
  • haml
  • compass
  • devise
  • aws-s3

Reasons for or against? Any recommendation on another version of ruby?

Update Heroku currently doesn't support 1.9.2 but it's expected to very soon based on this post. Rails 3.0 officially supports 1.9.2 (but not 1.9.1), so I decided to go ahead and use it.

Update Heroku supports 1.9.2 on its beta stack.

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I'd say yes. By the time you're ready to roll your app (2-3 months?), more and more compatibility issues should be worked out. Also, if you run into any issues, you can submit patches and contribute to faster 1.9.2 compatibilities! ;)

But to answer your questions, given the gems you want to use, 1.9.2 is good. Heroku hasn't rolled out 1.9.2 yet though.

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Yeah, it would be a few months, although I would like to run it on Heroku well before then. I see they support 1.9.1 currently, so I'm considering developing on that until they release 1.9.2. –  devth Sep 13 '10 at 16:07

I would say yes, but take a look at this site before you do:


It lists rails 3 compatibility for gems/plugins.

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I've heard ruby 1.9.2 is faster than ruby 1.9.1. Your mileage may vary though.

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Yeah, I've seen the benchmarks. That's why I'm wanting to use 1.9.2 :) –  devth Sep 14 '10 at 3:18
@Trevor: I haven't. Where are they? –  Andrew Grimm Sep 14 '10 at 6:54
Hrm, seem to remember seeing them in a blog a while back. Google's not helping me out. You could always run your own :) –  devth Sep 14 '10 at 15:59

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