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i'm currently trying to build an add-in which is similar to VSNewFile. So it's just a simple extension which provides a faster way to create new files. The problem with VSNewFile is that it doesn't work for C++ projects and i need it for that.

Here is my problem:
I'm unable to retrieve the absolute path of a selected directory. All samples i've found were something like that:

While this is working in a C# project it isn't in a C++ project. In an C++ project selectedItem.Project and selectedItem.ProjectItem are both null when i select a directory.

Important: I'm not talking about filters! I mean real directories.

Any help is welcome. I've searched for hours now without success.

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Maybe this will help anyone else who got the same problem:

// Subscribe to the SVsShellMonitorSelection service somewhere:  
public void mySetupMethod()  
     IVsMonitorSelection monitorSelection = 
     monitorSelection.AdviseSelectionEvents(this, out cookie);    

// This class (as used in AdviseSelection) must implement the IVsSelectionEvents interface  
// To get the folder path use the following  
public int OnSelectionChanged(IVsHierarchy pHierOld, uint itemidOld,   
  IVsMultiItemSelect pMISOld, ISelectionContainer pSCOld,   
  IVsHierarchy pHierNew, uint itemidNew, IVsMultiItemSelect pMISNew, ISelectionContainer pSCNew)  
  string fullPath;  
  // Get the full path
  pHierNew.GetCanonicalName(itemidNew, out fullPath);  

  // Do something with the path...  
  return VSConstants.S_OK;  
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