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I'm using usb for communication, our device send 100k/s data(arm7, very small memory size), and PC need receive and process them all.

my previous design is make device as a mess storage device, and extend a command for communication protocol, the PC software run a thread looping get data.

issue is: sometime it loses data.

so we use another solution: usb sim com(rs232).

but I don't know whether or not OS can contain that much data before I get it by using MFC(or pyserial), how can I get/set the buffer size?

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We regularly punch about 100KByte/sec through our USB CDC implementation, the PC is fast enough to receive all data. But it seems that the built-in limits are lower with usb-serial (CDC) than with mass-storage protocol (in our case ~600KB/s versus ~100KB/s CDC).

The PC receive thread should have a buffer that's "big enough".

Edit: I don't know Windows' Buffer sizes, or how to get them, though.

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