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id1     id2    year State Gender    
====  ====== ====== ===== =======    
1       A      2008    ca      M    
1       B      2008    ca      M    
3       A      2009    ny      F   
3       A      2008    ny      F     
4       A      2009    tx      F

This is the table i have, I need to find the total No of distinct Count in this table. I need to consider id1 and id2 to find the Unique Count. so the result of the count should be grouped according to the state. considering the above example.

i need to get the result as
ca - count : 2  and for ny it should be : 1 as  3 A is repeated twice.

the query i came up is that:

select state,gender,year,count(distinct id1,id2) from table1 
group by state,gender,year

in this query i couldn't calculate a distinct count of id1,id2. how should i modify my query to get the desired result. any help would be appreciated.

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What are the columns you need to select? –  sheeks06 Sep 13 '10 at 6:09

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If you are using sql server 2005 or upwards then you can use ranking functions. For example,

WITH temp AS(
        rank() OVER (ORDER BY id1,id2) AS rank1
    FROM table1
GROUP BY state,gender, [year]

Other crud way would be to combine id1 and id2 and take count on that combination

    state, gender, [year],
    count (distinct(cast(id1 as varchar(10)) + id2))
group by state, gender, [year]
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Try using a sub select:

select state, gender, year,
    count(select count(*) as total from table1
          where state = t.state and gender = t.gender and year = t.year
          group by id1, id2)
    from table1 t
group by state, gender, year
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I am no expert, but I hacked up this, which seems to work.

select count(1) from stack where state='ny' group by id1, id2;
select @@ROWCOUNT;

I'm happy to have it critiqued. I'm here to learn!

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Try the following:

select state, count(distinct cast(id1 as varchar) + id2) cnt from table1 
group by state
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SELECT [state],
    SELECT DISTINCT id1, id2 FROM table1 WHERE [state] = t.[state]
  ) z) AS cnt
FROM table1 t
GROUP BY [state]
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