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I am installing Twissandra - a python example on top of Cassandra. Instructions Here. After successfully compiling and building all dependencies on Lubuntu 10.04 (with Thrift 4.0 and then tried with 2.0)--when I run the last step with the webserver--it crashes and posts this Apache Thrift error:

AssertionError: Thrift API version mismatch. (Client: 12, Server: 13)

Is this a thrift problem (4.0) and or a Cassandra problem (7.0 beta)? Cassandra reports in its logs

INFO 23:52:01,487 Cassandra version: 0.7.0-beta1-SNAPSHOT INFO 23:52:01,487 Thrift API version: 13.0.0

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I had this problem too just a few days ago. If you update both thrift and pycassa it will work, they're both at 15 now I believe.

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pycassa is now on version 16 - but I think you are on the right track so I moved my accepted answer here – Jeremy Hajek Sep 20 '10 at 18:38

twissandra has not yet been updated for Cassandra 0.7. Use 0.6.5

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