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I have modularized a large Grails project into several plugins and want to share access to the spring security plugin to manage authentication across my project - is there an easy way to do this? I'm not sure how to share access to core project plugins from sub plugins

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I would like to know too. You might be interested in this. An item from the grails roadmap for 2.0 "Generic Security Abstraction Supported And Implemented By Different Plugins" grails.org/Roadmap –  smartnut007 Mar 24 '11 at 4:49

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If you use spring security grails plugin for your authentication, then just define this plugin in your base-sub-plugin, like this:

grails.project.dependency.resolution = {
    plugins {
        compile ":spring-security-core:1.1.3"
        compile ":spring-security-ui:0.1.2"     

All your your custom plugins, that use this plugin, will automatically get the security plugin as a dependency and can use the springSecurityService (and do not need to define these plugins in there application.properties).

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