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Please can you tell me the units measured by InputFile.PostedFile.ContentLength . I need to make sure the file is less than 500k.


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Unit of measurement = Byte.

1 Kilobyte (kB) = 2ˆ10 Byte = 1024 Bytes

Sample code testing for a file size of 15 KB:

const int maxFileLength = 15360; // 15KB = 1024 * 15

if(PictureFile.PostedFile.ContentLength > maxFileLength)

    MyResult.Text = String.Format("Your post has a size of {0:#,##0} bytes which
    exceeded the limit of {0:#,##0} bytes. Please upload a smaller file.",
    PictureFile.ContentLength, maxFileLength);
    // Save the file here
    MyResult.Text = "Thank you for posting."

In your case, as you want the file to be less than 500 KB, you should have this:

const int maxFileLength = 512000; // 500KB = 500 * 1024
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It's bytes.


Gets the size of an uploaded file, in bytes.

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