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I'm looking for a tutorial or some reusable resources that I can use to give my application a more modern look and feel. For want of a better description, I'm aiming for a simple and uncluttered web2.0 / ajaxy look. edit: emphasis on simple and uncluttered - something stripped down and functional

Ideally I am looking for something quick and lightweight (I mean this mainly in terms of development time, but small bandwidth use is also good), and that doesn't require guru level knowledge of css to play around with. (I'd rather focus on the app functionality than endless debugging of some arcane css rule to get something to appear in the right place!)

In case it matters, the app is based on rails and has the usual tagging and similar social features. I'm using some of the default rails ajax stuff.

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It depends. What language do you want it in? You can have AJAX frameworks in PHP, ASP.NET, et. al. –  George Stocker Dec 15 '08 at 22:21
ruby on rails. this covers the ajax part pretty well. –  frankodwyer Dec 15 '08 at 22:29

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My feeling is that "Web 2.0" as a concept is being superceded by sites like StackOverflow that are really paring down and prioritising usability over everything else, so that means no AJAX for the sake of it, no glassy buttons, extraneous graphics or hi-tech menus. Post Web 2.0 if you like. Think about usability and form always following function and you're halfway there.

Jeff / Joel namechecked a book in their podcasts you may be interested in - Dont Make Me Think.

Hope that helps a bit :)

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of course, SO runs with a thick helping of AJAX, its just not the AJAX-because-we-wanted-rotating-circles-loading-icons-AJAX. –  Jimmy Dec 15 '08 at 22:20
That is actually what I mean by the question...emphasis on simple and uncluttered rather than web2.0/ajax...to me StackOverflow is a good example of what I'm after. I'm looking for some kind of HTML / css / js framework for the mechanics to do this kind of thing. –  frankodwyer Dec 15 '08 at 22:23
Im not sure there is such a thing - i was trying to make the point that it is a frame of mind rather than a framework that you need. Judicious use of AJAX for the sole purpose of making life easier for your users, design for usability etc. I hope someone proves me wrong :D –  flesh Dec 15 '08 at 23:12
I agree with your basic point but for example desktop apps tend to have a basic look that they share. sure, you can still make an unusable app but they will at least look like users expect on a basic level. I don't expect the usability to come free - it's just that right now it looks wrong :-) –  frankodwyer Dec 15 '08 at 23:27

For the 'look' aspect of your question, as a non-designer, I find Open Source Web Design quite useful.

If I have a vague idea of what I want, something from there is a much better starting point than a blank page.

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I'm not even sure what you're asking.

If you're asking for a good learning resource on how to do Ajax, I would suggest checking out www.Peepcode.com.

If you're asking for a template on doing ajax tasks, here's one: http://github.com/melvinram/ajax-image-upload/

It is code uploading an image via ajax.

I suggest clarifying what you need.

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I am going to work on a rephrased version of the question I think as nobody seems to understand it :-) –  frankodwyer Dec 16 '08 at 13:05

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