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How to display a value as follows in oracle:

99.99 as 99.9900, 99.9 as 99.9000, 9.99 as 9.9900, 99 as 99.0000

All cases should be satisfied.. Please help...

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Use the format character 0:

SQL> SELECT x, to_char(x, '99.0000')
  2  FROM (SELECT 99.99 x FROM dual
  3        UNION ALL SELECT 99.9 FROM dual
  4        UNION ALL SELECT 9.99 FROM dual
  5        UNION ALL SELECT 99 FROM dual);

         X TO_CHAR(X,'99.0000')
---------- --------------------
     99,99  99.9900
      99,9  99.9000
      9,99   9.9900
        99  99.0000

You will find all format options in the documentation.

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Use the TO_CHAR function, with a format argument:

select to_char(99.99, '99.9999') from dual;
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