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Stack Overflow has a pretty good Delphi community. I am curious however where else Delphi developers are hanging out. I am looking for programming related community sites.

Obviously Forums.CodeGear.com is a popular place. Where else?

One of the reasons I ask is I was looking at Refactor My Code and noticed there is no Delphi category. Is it worth asking them to add one? Would any other Delphi developers contribute?

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I would use CodeGear/Embarcadero's official Forums. But they are ugly as sin, and have a horrible hard-to-use user interface.

Stackoverflow, by comparison is beautiful, addictive, and has a great Delphi community with notable people such as Jim McKeeth :-) and others who I shall not mention. But best of all, my questions get answered promptly and very well here. I hope it stays this way.

Also I can RSS all the Delphi posts and read the new ones with all my other feeds.

And I hope Embarcadero observes this and either changes their Forums, or adopts Stackoverflow.

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Use the newsgroup interface to the forums, not the Web interface. –  Rob Kennedy Dec 15 '08 at 23:23
You can access forums.codegear.com with your NNTP newsreader. –  Nick Hodges Dec 15 '08 at 23:39
I used to use NNTP all the time years ago. I still have one newsgroup that forces me to use it and I hate it. You only see threads of message subjects. It practically forces you to open and read every message. It's time to update. RSS Feeds are soooo much nicer!!! –  lkessler Dec 16 '08 at 1:05
... and did I mention that the Embarcadero Forums are slow? They're slow. –  lkessler Dec 16 '08 at 1:45
And you now have to log into Embargadero's forums - they don't want people asking or answering question. –  Ian Boyd Jan 16 '10 at 14:30

In German language Delphi-PRAXiS is good.

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Delphi-PRAXIS is awesome! I'm an ugly American and I only speak English, so Google Translate is my friend with this site. Even still, it's one of the best Delphi forums out there. –  Mick May 7 '09 at 13:08

For the Dutch language there is very active forum here:


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Jim --

I was told by the refactor my code guy that the open source code formatter he uses doesn't support Delphi, but then when I looked, I saw that in fact it did. I'd love to see Delphi code at Refactor My Code

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I emailed him. We will see what he says. –  Jim McKeeth Dec 15 '08 at 22:28
What code formatter was he using? –  Jim McKeeth Dec 15 '08 at 22:49
UltraViolet. ultraviolet.rubyforge.org –  Bruce McGee Dec 16 '08 at 12:53
Ah, so it supports Pascal. That should work fine for most code. –  Jim McKeeth Dec 17 '08 at 22:36
BTW, Refactor My Code does support Delphi now. –  Jim McKeeth Apr 15 '09 at 23:33

Pascal Game Development is a good place for information on... well... you can probably guess from the name. There's a lot on Delphi, plus forums for FPC/Lazarus and cross-platform resources, and some other, more obscure Pascal compilers.

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You can find a big Spanish Community Language on:

15 years old and more than 23.000 registered users.


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Club Delphi es un gran aporte a la comunidad de habla hispana. me alegra ver a un miembro del sitio por estos lados. Saludos. –  RRUZ May 7 '09 at 12:12
Bueno, creo que ya somos 2. ;-D –  Neftalí Jun 2 '09 at 8:35
Seremos tres entonces. :-D –  José Romero Sep 30 '09 at 15:26
Cuatro, y contando. :P –  jachguate Jan 23 '10 at 0:41

Here is a handful of e-mail lists.

There are also a couple of non-CodeGear newsgroups:

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CodeGear's official Forums

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For the Delphi email group in Australia look at


and subscribe to the group. High quality of discussion and monthly meetings in each of the Australian capital cities. Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney particularly active. Absolutely no product or job advertising etc. Purely for non commercial discussion.



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There is a New Zealand Delphi User Group. Not overly active but if a question question is asked it usually will get an answer (it's for NZ Delphi developers however).

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Im Brazil are some Forum and NNTP in Portuguese with pretty good community.



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links/addresses? –  Argalatyr Dec 16 '08 at 1:41
first link dead, and the forum is a zoombie. Besides that the number of programmers in Delphi in Brazil is huge and remains as the top 3rd language of choice. –  Eduardo E Jul 28 '14 at 3:00

I've been using DelphiPages forum for a number of years and have almost all of questions answered the same day I post.

http://www.delphipages.com/threads/ This link produces a 404. Correct link seems to be http://www.delphipages.com/forum/

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Two more German forums:



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I have been active on some newsgroups. But a couple of years ago the quality descended and the troll count grew to enormous sizes. So I quit using that source.

Fortunately there is a very active software development network in the Netherlands that has a large Delphi community. And I found this source ;-).

Next year I'm going to check out some other sources. So I'm keeping an eye on this question.

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There is a good community in the UK on cix which I have found invaluable over the years. There's unfortunately getting less traffic but the quality of postings and responses is generally excellent.

Ironically it was the Delphi conference on CIX that pointed me here :-)

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Collection of Delphi related blogs: Delphi Feeds

The 3DBuzz site has some Delphi video tutorials (free sign-up required) and their own Delphi forum, but the discussions have been petering out. If there were some more interest, I bet they could be convinced to make more videos.

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There are large active community in experts-exchange website, they used to be very active with professional developer.

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Denmark: http://groups.google.com/group/dapug

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What do you think about Lazarus? It is a multiplatform version of Delphi. A great project! http://www.lazarus.freepascal.org/

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