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I am writing a considerably huge shell script. Is there any way to print the line number of the script from that script? Basically I want to have something similar to gcc LINE macro. This will help me to debug my script.

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Had to do it myself a while ago and found this useful article back then: http://aymanh.com/how-debug-bash-scripts#adding-line-numbers-to-tracing-output

Essentially you need to use $LINENO to get the current line in the script.

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Thanks everyone.. $LINENO contains the line number value. –  Souvik Sep 13 '10 at 10:21

Maybe this helps a little bit:


  An array variable whose members are the line numbers in source files corresponding to each member of FUNCNAME. ${BASH_LINENO[$i]} is the line number in the source file where ${FUNCNAME[$i]} was called. The corresponding source file name is ${BASH_SOURCE[$i]}. Use LINENO to obtain the current line number. 
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The $LINENO variable returns the line in which that variable is used.

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