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how is it possible to add an QPainter arc to the QGraphicsView foreground. I found QGraphicsView.drawForeground (self, QPainter, QRectF), but I don't understand how to use it. I am new to qt. I also know that it is possible to add an art to the QGraphicsScene, but I need the scene for something else. Or is there an easier way to add an arc over the scene to the QGraphicsView? The arc must be variable. Hope someone can help me.

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You will need to create your own subclass of QGraphicsView and implement the drawForeground() method. You can use this code as an example:



#include <QGraphicsView>

class MyGraphicsView : public QGraphicsView
    MyGraphicsView(QWidget * parent = 0);
    MyGraphicsView(QGraphicsScene * scene, QWidget * parent = 0);
    virtual ~MyGraphicsView();

    void drawForeground(QPainter * painter, const QRectF & rect);

#endif  /* MYGRAPHICSVIEW_H */


#include "MyGraphicsView.h"

MyGraphicsView::MyGraphicsView(QWidget * parent) :

MyGraphicsView::MyGraphicsView(QGraphicsScene * scene, QWidget * parent) :
    QGraphicsView(scene, parent)


void MyGraphicsView::drawForeground(QPainter * painter, const QRectF & rect)
    int startAngle = 30 * 16;
    int spanAngle = 120 * 16;
    painter->drawArc(rect, startAngle, spanAngle);
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Great, I'll try that. Thank you. –  acco Sep 15 '10 at 16:26

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