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I need to use an Entity framework with my application, and I have used table - partitions in Oracle database. With simple JDBC, I am able to select data from a specific partition. But I don't know whether I can do the same with hibernate or Eclipse link (JPA). If someone knows how to do that, please do let me know.

usually the select statement in JDBC - SQL is,


How can I do the same with Hibernates or JPA?

Please share at least a link for learning sources.


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JPA or any other ORM framework does not support Oracle partition tables natively (atleast in my knowledge).

There are different possible solutions though, depending on the nature of your problem:

  • Refactor your classes so that data that needs to be treated differently in real-life, belongs in a separate class. Sometimes this is called vertical partitioning (partitions are not obtained across rows, rather across columns).
  • Use Oracle partition tables underneath and use native SQL queries or stored procedures from JPA. This is just a possibile solution (I haven't attempted this).
  • Use Hibernate Shards. Although the typical use case for Hibernate Shards is not for a single database, it presents a singular view of distributed databases to an application developer.


  1. JPA Performance, Don't Ignore the Database
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Table partitioning is data organization on physical level. In a word, partitioning is a poor man index. Like the later, it is supposed to be entirely transparent to the user. A SQL query is allowed to refer to the entire table, but not partition. Then, it is query optimizer job to decide if it can leverage a certain partition, or index.

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You can only throw so much processing power on a single DB server. At some point you'll need to scale out, for performance, reliability or cost. Sharding is one possible solution to this. –  Mike Aug 16 '11 at 9:18

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