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For example. I have a database upgrade script for adding a column to a database table. It looks a little like this:

IF NOT Exists(SELECT * FROM SysColumns sc, SysObjects so 
              WHERE sc.Name = 'dealer_number'  
              AND so.Name = 'collector'
              AND so.Type= 'U'
              AND =
 -- SQL for creating column
 -- notify user that column already exists

How do I notify the user that the column already exists?

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RAISERROR ('column already exists',0,1)  with nowait


print 'column already exists'
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+1 - Also very handy in long stored procs. – JNK Sep 13 '10 at 15:36

you can use PRINT statement in SQL

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RAISERROR seems appropriate here. See here.

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Use PRINT - it works from most SQL client applications. SELECT also works e.g

PRINT 'column already exists or something'


SELECT 'column already exists or something'
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