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Is it possible to make next using freemarker?

e.g. in template i specify some values (i hope my syntax isn't misleading):

<td>${{<img src="[1234:thumb]" /><img src="[3456:thumb]" />}?{images are missing}}</td>

Idea is that, if application can make value, then new value used in template, if can't - default value is used. Main point is that i need values ("1234:thumb") from template to create correct output.

Here application get "1234:thumb" and "3456:thumb" from template and create images based on these value. If imagecreation was successful (both images), path to images written back to output:

<td><img src="images/1234.jpg" /><img src="images/3456.jpg" /></td>

If either of images wasn't created, default value ("images are missing") written to output:

<td>images are missing</td>

So 2 questions:

  1. is it possible to store that values in template and parse them?
  2. what is correct way to output default value (if/else in template or in application)?
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I would say that logic shouldn't be in the template. –  Andy Pryor Oct 20 '10 at 3:20
@andy-pryor, yes, you are right, that it is wrong place for this logic. I done it in different way. –  Konstantin Petrukhnov Jan 14 '11 at 11:45

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Lets say you have two variables for your two images: thumb1234 and thumb3456.

You can test whether these variables are set using the "??" operator.

<#if thumb1234?? && thumb3456??>
    <td><img src="${thumb1234}" /><img src="${thumb3456}" /></td>
    <td>images are missing</td>
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Thank you for answer, but it is not what i asked. –  Konstantin Petrukhnov Jan 14 '11 at 11:43

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