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I need prototype the UI for next gen of my ASP.Net app. I'd like to use a tool like Sketchflow to mock of the new screens and updates to the currents screens.

Can I import my current UI into Sketchflow? Is there another prototyping tool that does allow importing existing UIs?

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I've gone from C# to SketchFlow before, but only did my UserControls... not the entire application. –  Dave Sep 13 '10 at 13:46
What did you import, an ascx file? –  epotter Sep 13 '10 at 14:14

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Screen shots are good (this is how Sketch Flow imports PowerPoint presentations), but I guarantee your audience will focus too much on the current look if it is not "Sketchy".

A good trick for existing layouts is to cut/paste* an image/screen-shot into a Sketchflow page, then trace over it using standard sketchflow rectanges, buttons, pencil tool etc. alt text

When you are done, remove (or simply hide) the reference image. The end result has the rough layout and functionality, but looks like a prototype.

alt text

*Tip: You can paste an image straight from the clipboard into Expression Blend pages if you use a paint package (Paint.Net is great for this). The Pencil sketch effect option in Paint.Net (below) also helps convert existing stuff into a more Sketchy look.

alt text

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There isn't a built in import command that will do this. It also depends on your goals, if you just want a starting point, screenshots might be the most useful. You could create the basic structure in SketchFlow and paste in screen shots, and start from there.

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