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Normally I have two computers to work on - my development machine, running Ubuntu, and a testing machine that has Windows. The testing machine is in surgery, and I need to be able to test in IE8. Unfortunately I can't seem to get it to run under wine. I've tried the IE NetRenderer add-on for Firefox, but all it does is take a screenshot of the page. I have dynamic code (ajax) that I need to be able to test.

Any ideas?

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Don't bother trying to run it under Wine - such a test would be invalid anyway.

Just install Windows in a VM. It's easy.

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I use VirtualBox on Ubuntu, and it works well. There are even tools you can use to test multiple versions of IE in the same VM... Like this: Buying an extra copy of Windows will sting, but get a retail version so you can re-install in another VM if something gets corrupted or lost. – grossvogel Sep 13 '10 at 14:51
You probably know this, but you need to have a valid Windows license for that VM. – Piskvor Sep 13 '10 at 14:52
@Piskvor, @John - yeah, that's the kicker. Getting a Windows license... – EmmyS Sep 13 '10 at 17:43
@EmmyS: I don't know about your situation, but one of the companies I worked for had several unused WinXP Home licenses - apparently they were bought with the devs' computers, but the devs installed various Linuxes instead; maybe you could be in a similar situation. – Piskvor Sep 13 '10 at 18:32
yes, a good source of vms for linux is here – h4ck3rm1k3 Mar 28 '12 at 6:57

I am trying out right now, people have reported that it works. mike

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it works for IE7 for me, the ie6 does not work because i could not get the network drivers to work on the first boot. the ie7 vista worked out of the box. – h4ck3rm1k3 Mar 28 '12 at 6:56

I'm on linux and using VirtualBox and various Windows images sourced from

They're supplying old windows versions with updated license which super seeds the default. Meaning you can restore an image back to its 30 day trail indefinitely.

I use the same system at work on OSX

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Real nice one. Thx for the link – zeflasher Jul 2 '13 at 0:07

I've used this website very sparingly (when I didn't have a Windows machine with IE Tester). It eventually costs a subscription fee, but you can do a free trial, as well.

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This topic is at I am using After install playOnLinux program, run it and add new IE8 or other.

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Try using WINE to execute and install Windows Applications like IE.

If this ain't working maybe creating Windows on a Virtual Machine like VMWare.

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Sorry, but IE is (still) so tangled with the rest of Windows' code that attempts to run it in WINE are an exercise in futility (IOW, it crashes and burns regularly). Windows-in-a-VM is still the only sane way. – Piskvor Sep 13 '10 at 14:51
@ Piskvor – Jordy Sep 13 '10 at 14:58
I tried that as well, and even the versions of IE they have don't work all that well, and they don't have IE8 support. – EmmyS Sep 13 '10 at 15:03
Yes, that's the exercise in futility I was talking about. No offense to the brave soul who made this, but any time I've tried that, this IE-on-WINE crashed on any page more complex than about:blank (must have been some cheap wine ;)). Also, a valid Windows license is actually required to install IE (not to install Windows, to install Internet Explorer. Crazy, huh?), so that's just as bad as the VM situation. See this: – Piskvor Sep 13 '10 at 18:29

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