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In CMake, I want to create a directory if it doesn't already exist. How can I do this?

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When do you want to create the directory?

To create a directory while CMake is configuring your build environment,

file(MAKE_DIRECTORY ${directory})

To create a directory at build time, run the command ${CMAKE_COMMAND} -E make_directory inside add_custom_command() or add_custom_target(). For example:

add_custom_target(build-time-make-directory ALL
    COMMAND ${CMAKE_COMMAND} -E make_directory ${directory})

To create a directory at install time,

install(DIRECTORY DESTINATION ${directory})
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Downvoted; this answer is wrong. These commands will both create the directory at configure-time. See @smarquis's answer below. –  remram Feb 7 at 20:21

To create a directory at install time,

install(DIRECTORY DESTINATION ${directory})

These will both run at configure time:

file(MAKE_DIRECTORY ${directory})
execute_process(COMMAND ${CMAKE_COMMAND} -E make_directory ${directory})

To create during the build, use a custom target:

add_custom_target(mytargetname ALL COMMAND ${CMAKE_COMMAND} -E make_directory ${directory})
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